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Benjamin Pavelka 👨‍💻

Hi my name is Benjamin Pavelka. I'm a twenty-two years old from Czech Republic trying my best in making any kind of creative content. I'm also an experienced team leader and very communicative.

Video editor 🎥

I have passion for video editing...

I am editing videos since my 2nd grade. First it was for my Minecraft youtube channel. It was really fun so I tried to make some money from it. I learned in Adobe Premier Pro and have made lot's of videos for Amouranth and up start her second channel for twitch highlights. But it was my first official job for someone. After that I was helping with editing in commercial company. This all help me to buy a MacBook and expand my creative mind. Now I'm trying to learn in Final Cut Pro to get more opportunities. 

Graphic Designer 💻

I also do graphics design...

logo key frame.png

With editing I also started to learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for my thumbnails. Then I developed a taste for photography. I also tried to make some animation in Cinema 4D but I have a lot to learn there.

Other creative work 📸

and other creative work.

When I was younger I started to watch Corridor Youtube Channel and it's inspired me to make stuff in Adobe After Effects. Of course I'm totally not on their level but I learned a few things. So I made some custom made animation and transitions. After I grew up I wanted to make my self a few thing on 3D printer. So I started to going to local open workshop and learned how to print 3D on printers like Prusa and Ultimaker and how to make 3D models in Fusion 360 and Blender.

Snímek obrazovky 2021-11-09 v 22.22.36.png
Contacs 📱

Contact me

You can get in touch with me by mail
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